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Important Information! Due to our extensive travel schedule we will not be holding any classes nor teacher training sessions in Las Vegas for 2015 or 2016. Once we resume sessions we will be sure to post dates ASAP! However, not all is lost for excellent training awaits in San Francisco at Asta Yoga! Visit for a training studio near you. Namaste.

To place a deposit or make a payment click this link
Please note: it will take at least 5 business days to set up your Dwolla account if you do not already have one. Dwolla is similar to PayPal, but with much better rates! Click here for more info on Dwolla

Email to recieve student registration form.

We also accept payments through checks made out to G-Force Ultimate Entertainment or through PayPal to 

Payment plans are available. For more information and student registration form please contact Ottavio at

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