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Our mission is to facilitate a deeper understanding of Ashtanga Yoga and to provide yogis with the ability to become certified instructors of the practice. Whether you wish to be an instructor, or just to deepen your knowledge and your yoga practice, this course will provide you with a wealth of information and the tools necessary to safely guide a class through the Primary Series.

Important Information! Due to our extensive travel schedule we will not be holding any classes nor teacher training sessions in Las Vegas for 2015 or 2016. Once we resume sessions we will be sure to post dates ASAP! However, not all is lost for excellent training awaits in San Francisco at Asta Yoga! Visit for a training studio near you. Namaste.

200 Hour Level 1 Teacher Training.

50 Hour Level 2 Advanced Teacher Training-The Rocket.

We are honored to be leading the  It's Yoga International Ashtanga Teacher Training curriculum here in Las Vegas and as a part of the It’s Yoga family we are committed to the continuation of sharing the legacy of its founder Larry Schultz 1950-2011. 


Larry Schultz created one of the first and most comprehensive 200 hour yoga training programs in the US, which has certified over three thousand teachers world wide.  This program is accredited and recognized by Yoga Alliance.

“Larry was a warm and generous person,” remembers Yoga Journal Senior Associate Editor Jennifer Rodrigue, who took his teacher training. “One of his greatest contributions to the yoga community was giving people the courage to own their personal practice, encouraging people to honor the past and to live in the present.”

Larry’s wife Marie, states that ”Larry is a timeless teacher whose love of the practice transcended everything he did.  His dedication to a daily practice reminds us all to share what we love by practicing what we teach, and teaching what we practice.  I am honored to pay it forward.” She, with the global It’s Yoga family, are committed to sharing his legacy by continuing to spread the It’s Yoga vision. 


"Do yourself a favor and do this training; do not hesitate. It was intense, lots of work, loads of fun and well worth it. Thanks to Ottavio and Naomi. It is because of their generosity of heart and spirit that I highly recommend this training. I have established my own personal home practice which was one of my main goals. And, I look forward to sharing my knowledge of yoga into the future. If you are on the website right now and questioning whether or not to do this training, the answer is ... Yes, without a doubt!"


- Maria  May/June 200 HR class of 2012

Why do this training?

Deepen your knowledge: This course is an excellent way to gain a greater understanding of the ancient practice of Yoga. You will learn about Ashtanga Yoga as well as how to differentiate between other different forms of yoga. Sharing yoga is also a wonderful way to contribute to the health and wellness for your family, friends, other individuals and society as a whole.

Have your own personal practice: Whether you wish to become an instructor or not, having your own personal practice is the foremost reason to do any training. Classes are a wonderful way of learning and sharing new techniques, but when your schedule doesn’t allow you to drive to a studio or gym for a class, or if one is not even available, you will have all the necessary tools, knowledge and freedom to create a personal practice beyond attending classes that you can do anywhere at anytime.

Diversify: Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga is one of the most recognized styles of Hatha Yoga in the world. Many celebrity teachers and their respective systems, including Power Yoga, grew from an Ashtanga based practice. Oftentimes instructors will become certified in multiple forms of yoga to provide their clients with a broader experience
and to enhance their teaching and income potential through various class styles

Credibility: The It’s Yoga curriculum is a well known and respected training course that has certified over 3000 instructors. The It’s Yoga school system is also recognized by Yoga Alliance, which has become the standard to which new instructors and their qualifications are based. Upon graduation students will be given a Yoga Alliance accredited diploma from It’s Yoga stating that they have completed our requirements and are now certified yoga teachers.

Registration with Yoga Alliance® enhances your credibility as a yoga professional since their designations are the premier forms of recognition for yoga teachers.  The registry provides global recognition of your knowledge, training and experience.  Studio owners feel confident hiring you knowing that your training meets their standards and students can trust that they receive instruction from a qualified teacher. 

In order to gain a Yoga Alliance registration you must first complete a minimum 200 hour certification course. Any training prior to completing such a course is not accumulative and cannot be credited toward a 200 hour registration.      

Affordability: This course is the most affordable Yoga Alliance recognized certification in Las Vegas.

The It’s Yoga family and affiliated schools are worldwide! Continue your education through other certifications and or reconnect by sitting in circle and sharing your teacher training experience.  

A Word From Larry 

From the hereafter…

Beyond the Teacher Principal or What Happens When “You Get Really Good”

So what happens when you can do all of the poses in the system?

“If you are not moving through your breath and from your center you are not doing Yoga”

Does yoga become boring then? What do you have to work towards? If you lose track of the heart of the practice – if you do not remain connected to your breath – you may very well become bored with Astanga. Any person with a gymnastic disposition can master Astanga at the physical level and then seek something else. The question is, can you keep connected to your cosmic energy? You can do the practice mechanically and look like a great yogi but if you are not moving through your breath and from your center you are not doing yoga.

Boredom is never a problem to those who stay connected to their breath because they are moving into states of intelligence, awareness and consciousness about themselves. They are working towards balance not only in their physical bodies, but also their mind and feelings. The challenge is not only in how to balance the body’s asymmetries – the fact that one hip may be tighter than the other, the right shoulder weaker than the left one – but also positive and negative thoughts and emotions. I often tell my students to breathe in inspiration and breathe out the negative. Since we can never be rid of the negative and we cannot always have the positive, we must work for a balance and towards states of contemplation that will allow us the serenity to move with consciousness.

If you lose sense of that as an integral part of yoga you are not only lost but also a danger to yourself. This is why some people burn out, get bored or what is worse, injured. Then they begin to question why they’re doing Astanga after all. 

“Adjustments hide the fact that the real change comes from the inside”

Often advanced practitioners go to Mysore to study Astanga. Sometimes they do so to regain a sense of purpose in their practice. They make pilgrimages for the master and go in search of the “authentic” Astanga. Ironically, what they seek is inside them but they cannot see it, feel it. Often these are the same people who feel “yoga guilt” if they cannot practice two hours every day or if they can not advance to the higher series. Some even think of Mysore and the Astanga community as a kind of “yoga cult” which requires that they renounce their habits of eating, sleeping and being in general. Practitioners in this category have sadly lost their sense of independence and believe that their self-realizations depend on a teacher, a place, a type of life-style. All these factors may greatly contribute to one’s growth but they do not guarantee it.

Receiving adjustments from teachers is something that a lot of advanced practitioners seek and this I believe only breeds dependence on the teacher. I received four to five years of adjustments and became dependent on my teacher to move me into certain poses. Some teachers would capitalize on my dependence and then we would have the madness of co-dependency. The teacher would begin to play roles -  parent, guardian, what have you, and I would be the kid, the student, the powerless. More importantly, adjustments hide the fact that the real change comes from the inside.

So the real challenge for the advanced practitioner is to stay focused on the breath. As we practice we are not trying to gain control over the body or mind. Our moving meditations should not be about forcing our bodies into poses or making our minds think in a particular way (or not think at all). Our practice should be about witnessing what is going on internally – in the body and mind. And so, when we meditate we need to pay attention to what we see with our eyes closed and once we have done that to ask still, what else? What else beyond the immediate clutter of concerns, memories, wishes, fears and hopes do I see? After all, that what else may be the Divine; that what else may be a visceral, cognitive and spiritual knowing of the fluidity and sanctity in life -  and not just your own but Life eternal.

Namaste to each and everyone of you.
Larry Schultz

Marie Hajjar Russel (Schultz), Naomi Brenkman-Gesmundo, Larry Schultz & Ottavio Gesmundo at It's Yoga San Francisco 2009.

Naomi & Ottavio Las Vegas 2008

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